Ontario Fly-in Fishing at Walleye Lake Outposts, Kenora

Ontario Fly-in Fishing Cabins

Walleye Lake Outposts

Located on the remote shores of Northwestern Ontario, Walleye Lake Outposts offers a top-quality fishing experience at our secluded outpost cottages. Our skilled bush pilots will fly you from Kenora to our outpost camp, accessible only by floatplane. We are the only outfitter on Walleye Lake, so if you book your fishing trip with 6 or more friends, you’ll have the entire outpost and lake to yourselves. Experience a wilderness fishing adventure like no other – a rustic cabin in the middle of the Canadian boreal forest, on a lake full of fish, with absolutely no one else around for miles. 


2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | Sleeps 8
Located on a remote point surrounded by water


2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | Sleeps 8
Located on it's own small island

Walleye Lake Outpost Cabins - rent the entire lodge


Groups of 6 or more have the entire outpost and lake to yourselves

This is a true Canadian wilderness adventure!

Map of Walleye Lake - great fishing in Northern Ontario, Canada
Rustic comforts


Our fly-in fishing camp has two clean and comfortable cottages that can accommodate up to 8 guests each. The Eagle’s Nest Lodge is located on a small island, and Two Loon Lodge is located on a remote point surrounded by water. They are over a mile apart, providing our guests the seclusion and privacy they are looking for.


Location: 50’12”29N, 94’26”34W
Length: 2 miles
Average Depth: 40 feet
Fish: Walleye, Northern pike & Smallmouth bass

About us ...

Walleye Lake outpost was originally built and operated by Randy Thomas. Randy retired from outfitting in the early 2000’s and sold the camps to John Derouard, who has operated the camps until 2022. Jamie Clemmens and James Hendy bought the camps from John and look forward to serving both John and Randy’s guests that continue to come and enjoy what Walleye lake has to offer (many have been coming for over 25 years).

Jamie and James have both been pilots at River Air in Kenora and Minaki for over 20 years, they have lots of experience not only in flying, but also making guests enjoy their time in Canada. Chances are if you have flown with River Air you likely know either James or Jamie. They have a passion for the outdoors and everything the Canadian wilderness has to offer.

The great thing about this type of fishing adventure is that you’re completely on

your own schedule.

You can get up early to hit the water for the morning bite, or you can have a leisurely start if you wish. But once you have settled in, get ready for day after day of catching world class walleye, feisty northern pike, or trophy smallmouth bass.

Come join us for the best fishing Northwestern Ontario has to offer and then kick your feet up at night and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature echoing through the trees.